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And It'll Take You Only 5 Minutes To Get
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From the desk of: Fabian Lim

Dear Internet Friend,

It's frustrating... isn't it?

Spending hours each week getting rid of useless SPAM from your inbox.

If you own a website, chances are you have your e-mail address listed on it so your prospects and customers can easily contact you.

Herein lies the problem...

Each day that passes with your email on your webpages, you expose yourself to more and more SPAM!

(How else do you think SPAMMERS get hold of your e-mail address? ;D)

And the SPAM problem simply worsens if you own multiple websites.

How do I know THIS is a problem?

Because I used to spend over an hour each day clearing my inbox of SPAM.

(That's approximately twenty hours of time lost to SPAM each month!)

And of course you know that TIME IS MONEY.

But apart from losing time, I was also losing money... money I could have earned had I been quick enough to reply to their e-mails and address their concerns.

(Sometimes, I'd even miss their e-mails completely because their e-mails were getting buried under all the SPAM in my inbox)

But the plot thickens...

Because the SPAM problem affects every online marketer with a website... without exception.

The good news is, there IS a way to combat the SPAM Problem:

Feedback Form Generator
- "The Ultimate Solution To Reduce
SPAM and Boost Online PROFITS"

You see, there's simply NO WAY spammers will be able to get hold of your e-mail address from your website  if your e-mail address was not listed on any of your web pages.

No e-mail address on website means no harvesting of your e-mail address.

So the best way to protect your email address is with a feedback form.

But until recently, creating a feedback form was no easy task.

Because firstly, you had to be familiar with CGI programming language, and secondly, you had to know HTML in order to customize the information you wish to collect.

You Can Get Feedback Form Generator
Up-And-Running On
Your Website In The Next 5 Minutes
- Without Any Programming or HTML Knowledge

It's true.

You can get this baby up-and-running on your website in the next 5 minutes even if you know nothing about creating forms or programming?

Hi Fabian,

Your Feedback Form generator is fantastic! I had it installed and operating flawlessly in about 10 minutes. I will never build another website without it!

Alan Green

How can this be achieved?

Well, we've designed an administration area where you can easily configure your options...

Check out the administration area yourself...

Show The Admin Area
Password: demo

This is a functional demo, the only thing
you can't do is change the password.

Pretty neat hey?

And here's a 'live' feedback form you could have installed on your website in the next 5 minutes...

* Your Name:
* Your Email:
* Refer to:
* Subject:
* Your Message:
 Send a copy of this email to yourself

All Rights Reserved. ©FeedbackFormGenerator.com.

It's a working feedback form... send me an email!

Notice how certain fields are required? I have several email addresses set up for specific types of questions people might ask, it makes sorting emails out a lot easier, but the important part is that this feedback form lets visitors send emails to me at each address! Up to 10 different email addresses!

If you send me an email, be sure to check "Send a copy of this email to yourself", that way you'll have a copy of the email you sent me for your records.

Feedback Form Generator Blends Into
Your Existing Website Design

And just in case you're wondering, the script will easy blend into any existing webpage design.

Check out Feedback Form Generator in action on two different web pages...

Your feedback form will work and look great with any design because is template-based.

Some are just some of the features and benefits of Feedback Form Generator:

* Easy to use web based administration
* Receive emails at up to 10 email addresses
* Receive HTML or text emails
* Make certain fields required
* Allows senders to send themselves a copy of the email

* Easy to use
* Easy setup
* Contact page is completely customizable (uses an HTML template)
* Great compatibility - No databases required
* No HTML or programming knowledge required
* Guaranteed protection from email address harvesters

And finally, you should know about...

My 100% No Questions Asked All The Risk Is On Me
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad guarantee: If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, you may simply request and receive a 100% refund with no questions asked, no hard feelings, period.

If you're ready for the
best feedback form generator you'll ever have...

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